Vita Yoga Center

Covid Instructions

For the protection and safety of all we have disinfected the room, the common areas and our equipment.

  • For everyone’s protection and safety the place, the public spots and equipment are disinfected
  • Using mask is mandatory while you are waiting and in all public areas.
  • The room will be ventilated and cleaned before each lesson.
  • According to the regulations, your participation in the courses must be booked. Please register your participation in the application in time, by SMS, with a message on the Facebook & Instagram page or call +30694861876.
  • Cancellation must be done in the same way, at least 24 hours in advance so that there is no charge and can be replenished from the waiting list.
  • We recommend to bring your own mattress.
  • The use of an individual towel is mandatory.
  • Due to the limited number of people, you are not allowed to stay in the area before and after the practice.
  • Use the antiseptics on site regularly after each contact with objects, before and after your practice.
  • In the place you will find printed instructions for the smooth and safe conduct of the courses.

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